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A to Z April Challenge: M is for Marsh

This is day 13 of the A to Z April Challenge.  The half-way mark!

is for Marsh.  Two of my earliest Jollett women married Marsh men.  I do not know if the men were related, but definitely the two women were sisters, daughters of James and Nancy Walker Jollett of Orange County, Virginia. 

One of the benefits of online research is contact with cousins and sharing information.  The number of descendants doing research on the line of Lucy Jollett Marsh is plentiful.  It requires pages upon pages for me to print simply names and dates of Lucy's line.  However, poor ol' Melinda Jollett Marsh's line can be printed on a single page.  Where are the Melinda researchers? 
Sometimes I sit and puzzle over the unbalance in genealogy, why some lines are overrun with descendants duplicating research while other lines are ignored.  Maybe the genealogy gene just didn't get passed along in Melinda's line.
Lucy Walker Jollett (1792 Orange Co, VA – 25 Oct 1870 Greene Co, VA) and Peter Marsh (1779 – 1860 Greene Co, VA) married 24 Oct 1806 Orange Co, VA


Thomas J. Marsh 1816 – 18 May 1898, McGaheysville, Rockingham Co, VA & Columbia Ann King
Layton Marsh 1819 – before 1900 & Peachy Lamb
William Mansfield Marsh 1822 & Diannah Ley
James Madison Marsh 1828 - 1890 & Agnes McDaniel
Amanda Melvina Marsh 1831 – before 1878 & George W. Sampson
John C. Marsh 1835 & Louisa M. Sampson

Melinda Jollett (1800 Orange Co, VA - ) and Thomas Marsh (1796 - ) married 12 Mar 1822 Orange Co, VA


Alexander Marsh 1825 & Ann Lee
Julia A. Marsh 1830
William Marsh 1832
Joseph A. Marsh 1834 & Elizabeth Jane Steele
Mary J. Marsh 1837
John G. Marsh 1839
Benjamin F. Marsh 1841
Sarah M. Marsh 1843

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  1. Maybe a Melinda relative will pop up from this post =)

  2. Looks like you may be Melinda's best hope for inclusion in the Family Tree...but ya never know when someone else may come out of the Marshes. It is amazing how online Genealogy Data makes for new CuzConnections. I've met at least five cousins since starting my Genealogy Blog...Tracks of My Texas Ancestors last year....Sue

  3. Look forward to the rest of your challenge run…can’t believe we’ve had 15 days already!
    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z