Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A to Z April Challenge: P is for Peluso

  This is day 16 of the A to Z April Challenge.

is for Mary Neville Peluso, wife of my 1st cousin 2X removed, Lewis Logan Jollett.  Neville was born in 1896 in Virginia to an Italian immigrant. She and Lewis married about 1919 and resided a number of years in Greene County, Virginia. 

I am lucky to have found one photo of Neville which appeared in an Albemarle County, Virginia newspaper in 1977.  It was a birthday celebration for a number of Senior Citizens all enjoying an April birthday.

Mary Neville Peluso Jollett is 4th from the left

She looks like a reasonable woman, don’t you think?

So I wonder what crime against humanity she committed to be expressly written OUT of her father-in-law’s will dated 1934?  My great grand uncle Burton Lewis Jollett did not seek to be politically correct when he wrote this:

Item 10 I wish and desire that if Lewis Jollett should die before his wife Mary Nevell Jollett that she be not appointed adminstratrix over his estate or for as what he enhirt [sic.] from me around two thousand dollars I desire it go to the heirs of his lawful body. She would go through with it real soon do nobody no good I don't want her to have nothing from my estate whatsoever the way I have been mistreated by her.

If any person or persons are disstfied [sic.] with my last will and try to break same or disreguard [sic.] it they shall have but five dollar the rest to be divided among those that are willing to abide by the same.

I bet that’s a humdinger of a story!

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  1. This must be a heck of a story!

    Great idea for "P"

  2. Oh - I would love to know what all that was about. From the photograph I think she looks really sweet.

    Your blog is so interesting!

  3. What on earth did she do to him? And how did his son, her husband, react to such venom? You've unearthed a mystery.

    Happy A to Z,

  4. Wow! You simply must dig a little deeper! Thanks for stopping by my blog! A-Z Challenge!

  5. Hard to say...times were so different back then...stopping by from the A - Z Challenge:

  6. Interesting story!

    Kathy on her blog Oregon Gifts today wrote about a relative that was sent to a poor farm.

    I thought I was reading your blog!

  7. She does look like a reasonable woman, but oh, so much mystery! Very intriguing. :)

  8. What a unique idea for a theme! Thanks for visiting!

  9. You are right...she does look like a reasonable woman...but in her father-in-laws case...looks must have been deceiving. Gosh, he didn't much like her, huh? It would be interesting to see if any of the others stuck up for her and forfited all but their five bucks. Good just never know.

  10. Every family has their mysteries! Very interesting post!

  11. LMao ... I so wonder what she did to him? I love how he put in the 500 dollar disclaimer so that nobody would try to defend her ... it shows that hd meant serious business!

  12. This guy sure was carrying a grudge or something.

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