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Tombstone Tuesday: The Colemans

Tombstone Tuesday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers that asks bloggers to include an image of a gravestone of one or more ancestors along with a brief description of the image or the ancestor.

Most of Emma Coleman’s family are together in the Coverstone Cemetery in Shenandoah, Virginia, where they made their home most of their lives. Missing are daughter Minnie Coleman Maiden and son Russell Coleman.

Tombstone Emma Jollett and Jack Coleman https://jollettetc.blogspot.com

Andrew J.
July 29, 1858 - Oct 4, 1947
Emma F.
Feb 1, 1863 - Apr 10, 1945

Tombstone Mattie Coleman and Harry Escue  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Harry W.
Oct 4, 1871 - Jan 7, 1940
Mattie C.
Mar 12, 1882 - Feb 10, 1978

Tombstone John F. Coleman https://jollettetc.blogspot.com

John F. Coleman
July 9, 1883
Aug 2, 1949

Tombstone Reba Coleman and James Mitchell Morris https://jollettetc.blogspot.com

James Mitchell
Dec 9, 1893 - Nov 24, 1958

Reba Coleman
July 29, 1896 - Jan 12, 1994

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Monday, June 27, 2016

James Franklin Jollett's Kids: Emma Coleman

As part of my “Genealogy Do-Over” efforts AND to force myself to get crackin’ on my James Franklin Jollett book, Jollett Reunion, I will be researching and writing brief biographies of James Franklin, his wives, and his children.

In February 1863, a second child was born to James Franklin Jollett and Lucy Ann Shiflett, a baby girl. Oddly enough, they gave her James Franklin’s middle name: Emma Franklin Jollett.

Like all the Jollett children, Emma attended school and learned to read and write. If she had any aspirations beyond being a housewife and mother, they were not realized. At the age of 17, she married Andrew Jackson “Jack” Coleman on November 26, 1880, in their home county of Greene. That is where they made their home for a few years before a job opportunity with the railroad lured them to the town of Shenandoah in Page County, Virginia, just across the mountain.

Emma and Jack are unusual in the family tree in that they recorded no infant deaths. All five children lived well into adulthood.

Jack and Emma Jollett Coleman family 1896 or 1897 https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
The Colemans late 1896 or early 1897
standing: Mattie, Minnie, John F.
seated: Jack holding Russell
and Emma holding Reba

Mary Frances Jollett Davis, Jack and Emma Jollett Coleman 1929  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
April 1929
Mary Frances Jollett Davis,
Jack and Emma Coleman
The Colemans were apparently quite religious. According to family lore, Emma adhered to the Dunkard style of dress, wearing black or dark clothing in the winter and white or grey in summer. However, photos do not support the claim. Emma looks like everyone else in a variety of floral dresses which may or may not be Dunkard; however, she wore no prayer covering either.

Emma’s husband Jack was often called on to offer the prayer before a meal, particularly at the Jollett reunions. Supposedly he was rather long-winded when asking for the Lord’s blessings. The less devout members of the clan would call out, “Hurry up, Jack. The food is getting cold.”

Other details of Emma’s life are known perhaps to her few grandchildren. I know only that she and Jack raised intelligent and good-looking children. She died April 10, 1945 from a stroke and complications of diabetes.

Reba Coleman https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Mattie Escue https://jollettetc.blogspot.com

Russell Coleman and Johnny Coleman https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Russell and Johnny 

Emma Franklin JOLLETT (1 Feb 1863 Greene Co, VA – 10 Apr 1945 Shenandoah, VA) and Andrew Jackson COLEMAN (29 Jul 1858 Greene Co, VA – 4 Oct 1947 Shenandoah, VA) married 26 Nov 1880 Greene Co, VA
  1. Mattie A. COLEMAN (12 Mar 1882 Greene Co, VA – 10 Feb 1978 Shenandoah, VA) and Harry W. ESCUE (4 Oct 1871 Virginia – 7 Jan 1940 Shenandoah, VA) married 22 Dec 1924 Shenandoah, VA
  2. John Franklin COLEMAN (9 Jul 1883 Greene Co, VA – 2 Aug 1949 Shenandoah, VA)
  3. Minnie Virginia COLEMAN (31 May 1888 Shenandoah, VA – 13 Jan 1981 Arlington, VA) and Arthur L. MAIDEN (31 Aug 1886 Elkton, VA – 27 May 1988 Alexandria, VA) married 17 Feb 1906 Shenandoah, VA
  4. Reba Hildred COLEMAN (29 Jul 1896 Shenandoah, VA – 12 Jan 1994 Chesapeake, VA) and James Mitchell MORRIS (9 Dec 1893 Rockingham Co, VA – 24 Nov 1958 Rockingham Co, VA)  married 2 Jan 1913
  5. Russell Ulric COLEMAN (29 Jul 1896 Shenandoah, VA – Jul 1962) and Mary Evelyn FLUHRER (1906 Ohio - ) married 5 Jul 1923 Page Co, VA 

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James Franklin Jollett's Kids: Burton Lewis Jollett

As part of my “Genealogy Do-Over” efforts AND to force myself to get crackin’ on my James Franklin Jollett book, Jollett Reunion, I will be researching and writing brief biographies of James Franklin, his wives, and his children.

Burton Lewis Jollett was the first child born to James Franklin Jollett and Lucy Ann Shiflett. That was 2 October 1860, just months before Virginia joined the Confederacy, just months before war was declared. He was a little tyke when his father left their home in Greene County, Virginia to join the cause. However, James Franklin’s lackluster service record suggests he was frequently AWOL, probably at home taking care of the farm and his growing family.

Like his younger brothers and sisters, Burton Lewis attended school. As an adult he was considered educated enough to serve his community as Justice of the Peace. The position does not require legal training but it requires good sense and ethics to handle less serious cases such as simple assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, reckless driving, petty theft, landlord and tenant disputes, and small claims. A Justice of the Peace can also perform civil marriages.

Children of James Franklin Jollett before 1928  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
The children are lined up from youngest to oldest
Left to right: Ulysses, Victoria, Sallie, Mary Frances, Leanna,
Laura, Emma, Burton Lewis, James Franklin

Most of the time though he labored on the farm. Farm communities tend to maintain close ties among farm families, each one helping another with planting, bailing hay, transporting animals to market, and canning. Maybe that is how Burton Lewis came to know his future bride Louisa Sullivan. Judging by the chronology of census records, she grew up just a few farms away from the Jolletts. Her parents were James Andrew Sullivan and Lydia Wyant.

A birth record for a baby girl born May 1878 indicates Burton Lewis and Louisa had a child out of wedlock; nevertheless, they married three years later on 20 January 1881 and made their home in Greene County. In March 1882, they had a little boy who lived only two months. Five more children were born in regular intervals; one child Maggie lived only four years.

Burton Lewis and Louisa did a cute thing naming their children. The first and middle names began with the same letter: Chester Clarence, Fleta Florence, Blanche Beecher (or some say it was Blanche Beatrice), and Lewis Lloyd.

Sometime between 1895 and 1900, Louisa died. According to the 1900 census, Burton Lewis was a widower raising his children alone. However, in September that same year he married Cornelia Morris Sullivan.

Cornelia Morris Sullivan Jollett  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Cornelia Morris Sullivan
photo courtesy of Olen Morris

Like Burton Lewis, Cornelia was recently widowed, her husband having died in October 1899. She was the second wife of James Andrew Sullivan, Louisa’s father. Therefore, Cornelia was Louisa’s stepmother. Burton Lewis married his stepmother-in-law 19 September 1900 in Greene County, Virginia.

As if that family relationship were not close enough already, Cornelia was distantly connected to the Jolletts in another way. Her brothers William Gordon Morris and George Austin Morris were married to Burton Lewis’s mother’s sisters Nancy Frances and Susan Clementine Shiflett, respectively.

Morris reunion before 1928  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Before 1928
Clementine and Austin Morris, James Franklin Jollett,
and Ambrose Vernon (widower of Clementine's
sister Victoria Shiflett Vernon)

Burton Lewis and Cornelia’s marriage was not the love of a lifetime. By 1916, they were divorced. Census records for 1920 and 1930 show Burton Lewis widowed; Cornelia, however, took back the Sullivan name and proclaimed she was divorced. She died in 1927.

In his later years, Burton Lewis lived with his youngest son Lewis and his family. Apparently Burton Lewis did not care much for his daughter-in-law Mary Neville (Peluso). In his will written in 1931, he named Lewis as executor; he then stipulated that should Lewis die before his wife Mary Neville, she should not be appointed to administer the estate and all inheritance from Burton Lewis should go to Lewis’s heirs. Burton Lewis’s disdain for Mary Neville is evident in these words from the will: “She would go through with it [inheritance] real soon do nobody no good. I don’t want her to have nothing from my estate whatsoever the way I have been mistreated by her.”

Burton Lewis JOLLETT ( 2 Oct 1860 Greene Co, VA – 4 May 1934 Greene Co, VA) and m1) Louisa E. SULLIVAN (Aug 1862 Greene Co, VA – Before 1900 Greene Co, VA) married 20 Jan 1881 Greene Co, VA ; m2) Cornelia MORRIS SULLIVAN (Nov 1844 Greene Co, VA – 2 Aug 1927 Greene Co, VA) married 19 Sep 1900 Greene Co, VA

Issue with Louisa Sullivan:
  1. P. JOLLETT (May 1878)
  2. E. E. JOLLETT (Mar 1882 Greene Co, VA – May 1882 Greene Co, VA)
  3. Chester Clarence JOLLETT (11 Jun 1883 Greene Co, VA – Apr 1967 Baltimore, MD) and Cora Eliza MORRIS (26 Dec 1888 Greene Co, VA – Apr 1975 Baltimore, MD) married 1 Jun 1905 Fredericksburg, VA
  4. Fleta Florence JOLLETT (22 Aug 1885 Greene Co, VA – 8 May 1956 Albemarle Co, VA) and John Lloyd SULLIVAN (26 Dec 1892 Rockingham Co, VA – 1 Dec 1967 Greene Co, VA) married 27 Dec 1916 Greene Co, VA
  5. Maggie JOLLETT (May 1887 Greene Co, VA – May 1891 Greene Co, VA)
  6. Blanche Beecher JOLLETT (13 Mar 1890 Greene Co, VA – 10 Feb 1972) and John Benjamin GENTRY (28 Dec 1888 Greene Co, VA – 8 May 1953 Charlottesville, VA) married about 1911
  7. Lewis Lloyd JOLLETT (11 Jun 1895 Greene Co, VA – Dec 1978 Richmond, VA) and Mary Neville PELUSO (11 Apr 1896 Rockingham Co, VA – 9 Mar 1981 Arlington, VA) married about 1919

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Sepia Saturday: Pacific Tour

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

Wallaby on USS Colorado about 1925 https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
A Wallaby on the Colorado

It is not a yawning koala like the prompt image at Sepia Saturday, but the wallaby is from the same continent. Apparently this cousin of the kangaroo was a guest on board the USS Colorado when my maternal grandmother’s brother Ray Rucker was a sailor. Ray has been featured before HERE and HERE.

The Colorado was just a young ship in 1924 when she was sent from her home base in New York to California for force assignment. There the Colorado participated in a number of exercises and ceremonies with the Pacific Battle Fleet. Then from June – September 1925, the whole fleet paid visits to Samoa, Australia and New Zealand apparently just to “show the flag” in the southwestern Pacific.

The tour created some excitement at least in Auckland, New Zealand. The Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve staged its first parade several months in advance in preparation for the arrival of the United States Navy Battle Squadron. Its first official duty was to serve as the US Navy’s Honor Guard.

US Navy parade Auckland, NZ 1925 Ray Rucker  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Navy parade Auckland, New Zealand 1925

Ray saved some of the official photos and postcards from that tour. The reverse of the postcard featuring the Circular Quay at Sydney, New South Wales notes that it was issued by the government of Australia to the officers and men of the American Fleet July – August 1925.

Visitors from Sydney, Australia on the USS Colorado 1925 Ray Rucker https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Not all Australian visitors on the Colorado were wallabies.
While most of Ray’s snapshots are not labeled, I assume some were taken while visiting Australia. After all, he saved a booklet outlining available tours.

One of the inside pages - other tours were available for Victoria,
Queensland, Tasmania, Western and Southern Australia

He also saved snapshots of the natives in Samoa.
Ray Rucker Samoa 1925 https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Ray Rucker at a native house in Samoa 1925
Natives in Samoa 1925  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Natives of Samoa 1925

From 1976-1986 the Navy recruited young men and women saying, “It’s not just a job. It’s an adventure.” The Pacific tour seems like it was quite an adventure in 1925 too. 

Stifle that yawn! Be rejuvenated at Sepia Saturday.

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Wikipedia contributors. "USS Colorado (BB-45)." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 10 Jun. 2016. Web. 17 Jun. 2016.

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Tombstone Tuesday: James Franklin and Eliza Jane Jollett

Tombstone Tuesday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers that asks bloggers to include an image of a gravestone of one or more ancestors along with a brief description of the image or the ancestor.

Tombstone of James F. and Eliza Jane Coleman Jollett Harriston Methodist Church Cemetery https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Jollett tombstones in Harriston Methodist Church Cemetery
Harriston, Augusta County, Virginia

James Franklin Jollett and his second wife Eliza Jane Coleman are buried together in the Harriston Methodist Church Cemetery in Augusta County, Virginia. Even though Eliza Jane was not the mother of any of the surviving Jollett children, she was identified as “Mother” on her tombstone.

Did Eliza purchase the tombstones herself when James Franklin died? Did one of the children? Maybe “Step-Mother” would have been aesthetically unbalanced, crowded, or simply inappropriate. Or maybe it was just a standard design for tombstones and thus no more should be read into the wording.

Maybe the word “Mother” says something about how she was regarded by the Jolletts. She was “A” mother even if not “THE” mother. The Jollett grandchildren certainly remembered her as warm and loving, although not as affectionate as their grandfather. She was the only GRANDmother the Jollett grandchildren ever knew.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Wives of James Franklin Jollett: Eliza Jane Coleman

As part of my “Genealogy Do-Over” efforts AND to force myself to get crackin’ on my James Franklin Jollett book, Jollett Reunion, I will be researching and writing brief biographies of James Franklin, his wives, and his children.

James Franklin Jollett had been a widower for a year and a half when he married Eliza Jane Coleman of Greene County, Virginia on 29 August 1885. She was twenty years younger than him. At the time, three of the Jollett children were already married and out of the house. The middle three were probably self-sufficient, but the youngest three were under the age of 7 and definitely in need of a woman’s touch.

So who was Eliza Jane, the woman who would become the only grandmother that 40 grandchildren would know?

Eliza Jane Coleman and James Franklin Jollett https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Eliza Jane and James Franklin
I wonder what the dog's name was.
Eliza Jane was born 17 January 1856, the first of twelve children born to William Coleman and Diannah Shiflett. In various census records, it was noted she could not read or write, and in 1880, she was working on the family farm. The family did some moving during her childhood from Greene in 1850 to Rockingham in 1860 and to Albemarle in 1870 and 1880. When Eliza Jane and James Franklin tied the knot in 1885, it was done in Greene County.

In 1900, Eliza Jane and James Franklin owned their farm in Greene County free and clear. Both of them could read and write.

According to James Franklin’s Civil War Pension application, he and Eliza Jane moved to Harriston in Augusta County about 1904. Why Harriston? Why Augusta County? Maybe it was the draw of family that played a part in their decision; census records and death certificates suggest that many of Eliza Jane’s brothers and sisters lived in the same part of the Middle River district where Harriston is located.

Street names in a trailer park
are named in honor of Jollett Springs
The Jollett farm on Paine Run Road became popular for its fresh water springs fed by Paine Run. “Jollett Springs” drew neighbors far and wide carrying jugs to fill with the delicious spring water. That is where Eliza Jane and James Franklin lived out the rest of their lives.

They had only one child together, but Eliza Jane helped to raise not only James Franklin’s children but also a number of children who lived with them temporarily.  One was a neighbor’s son, William Ira Sullivan. While listed as “adopted,” it is not known whether the adoption was official or not. Even though he went to live with the Jolletts, his parents lived nearby, apparently struggling financially to provide for their many children. In 1910, a young boy enumerated as nephew “William McKinley Jollett” was in the Jollett household. I can find no such person, so it is likely his last name was not “Jollett” but a case of enumerator error; it is possible he was related to Eliza Jane through one of her brothers or sisters. Then in 1930, Darmon Bowen, the grandson of Eliza Jane’s sister Gernie Shiflett, was living with them as well.

Eliza Jane was widowed in 1930. She died eight years later, just two months shy of her 83rd birthday. The cause of death was hemiplegia, paralysis of the right side caused most likely by a stroke. The informant on her death certificate was “J. A. Coleman.” I had assumed this was James Franklin’s daughter Emma’s husband Jack Coleman until research on Eliza Jane revealed the large number of brothers and sisters, most notably John A. “Buck” Coleman. He and his family lived just a very short distance from the Jollett farm.

“Jack” Coleman was not such a far-fetched guess, however. He was actually Eliza Jane’s cousin (their fathers were brothers). So that means Jack was both a cousin and stepson-in-law.

Eliza Jane Coleman, Diannah Shiflett Coleman, John Coleman https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Eliza Jane, her mother Diannah Shiflett Coleman,
and brother John Coleman
photo courtesy of Elaine Via

Family of James Franklin Jollett and Eliza Jane Coleman
James Franklin Jollett (17 Nov 1836 Rockingham Co, VA – 3 Jun 1930 Augusta Co, VA) and Eliza Jane Coleman (17 Jan 1856 Greene Co, VA – 9 Dec 1938 Augusta Co, VA) married 29 Aug 1885 Greene Co, VA
     1. James Henry Jollett (21 Apr 1894 Greene Co, VA – 29 Aug 1909 Augusta Co, VA)

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Sepia Saturday: A Man, A Dog, and A Stick

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt expresses the joy of summer at the beach with a man jumping over a twisted beach towel held by two women. My photo contains some of the same elements: a dog and a man who is not jumping, but judging by his tan, it must have been summer.
Stephen Barany  http://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Stephen Barany

The man is Stephen Barany. In an earlier Sepia Saturday post I told about his marriage to my grandaunt Catherine Walsh Barany, about his being a bookie, and about their eventual separation. I thought there was nothing else to learn. But then I was given two scrapbooks that had belonged to my great-grandmother Mary Theresa Sheehan Killeen Walsh. In them she had glued greeting cards. That’s when a sentimental Stephen Barany emerged.

Even though Aunt Cat signed both of their names to cards sent to her mother, Steve sometimes sent his own. According to family lore, Steve and Mary Theresa had a special bond, far from the stereotypical mother-in-law/son-in-law relationship.

In the movies and on television, bookies are often portrayed as the slimiest of low-life beings. Funny how a sweet vellum card can remind us that people are much more complex than images coming out of Hollywood.

Jump over to Sepia Saturday to see what fun others are having today.

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The Wives of James Franklin Jollett: Lucy Ann Shiflett

As part of my “Genealogy Do-Over” efforts AND to force myself to get crackin’ on my James Franklin Jollett book, Jollett Reunion, I will be researching and writing brief biographies of James Franklin, his wives, and his children. 

Lucy Ann Shiflett was born in 1843, the fourth child of eleven born to Burton and Nancy Elizabeth Frazier Shiflett of Greene County, Virginia. Their farm was situated in Bacon Hollow which is outlined by Flattop, Wyatt, Hightop, Greene, Brokenback, and Snow Mountains. The Roach River runs its full length. 

Twelve hundred feet above Bacon Hollow is the Overlook on the Skyline Drive which did not exist when Lucy Ann was alive.

Unlike her parents, Lucy Ann learned to read and write. Little else is known of her childhood except that she grew up on a farm. Her father Burton owned 126 acres, 45 of which was improved and 81 unimproved. On the Agricultural Schedule (non-population census) of 1850, the farm was valued at $500 and farm tools at $40. The Shifletts owned 2 horses, 2 milk cows and 5 other cattle, 3 sheep, and 19 swine, the total of which was valued at $180. At the time of the census, Burton had produced 3 bushels of wheat, 75 bushels of Indian corn, 100 bushels of oats, 75 pounds of tobacco, 18 pounds of wool, 1 bushel of peas or beans, 12 bushels of potatoes, 4 bushels of buckwheat, and 200 pounds of butter. Compared to his neighbors, Burton was on par with the Joneses, or in this case, the Morrises, Fraziers, Haneys, and Colliers.

If the Shifletts lived like most families did at that time, Lucy Ann likely helped with the farm in some way. She probably also helped her mother take care of the younger children. The baby of the family, George, was enumerated in 1870 as “helpless” and “dumb,” so certainly he needed extra attention from everyone in the family.

Depending on the census record, Lucy Ann was either 16 or 19 when she married James Franklin Jollett on November 12, 1859. They lived next door to her parents. James Franklin’s occupation in 1860 was “Laborer,” so it is likely he worked on his in-laws’ farm.

James Franklin Jollett
possibly his wedding portrait
Lucy Ann and James Franklin were still newlyweds in September 1860 when Lucy Ann’s father was stabbed to death by his brother-in-law, Lucy Ann’s uncle Leland Frazier. What led to this awful event can only be speculated. Leland was charged with murder, but the jury found him guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter and sentenced him to four years in jail. This suggests that Leland did not plan to kill his sister’s husband, but he did so purposely in the heat of the moment.

When her father was killed, Lucy Ann was 8 months pregnant. Just weeks after Burton was laid to rest, Lucy Ann gave birth to her first child, a boy, whom she and James Franklin named Burton Lewis, Burton for her father, and Lewis for James Franklin’s father Fielding Lewis.

Lucy Ann and James Franklin had at least 8 more children. The last known child was born in January 1883. Lucy Ann died in January 1884, supposedly from “childbed fever.” However, the facts do not add up: a full year seems too long for “childbed” to be the cause of death. Perhaps there was another infant unaccounted for and who died as well, or “childbed fever” was not the cause of death.

Throughout her life, Lucy Ann and James Franklin lived near her mother, her brothers and sisters, even her grandmother. Where she is buried is not known, but surely she was buried near her home, if not in Bacon Hollow, then most certainly somewhere in Greene County.

Family of Burton Shiflett and Nancy E. Frazier
Burton Shiflett (1814 Orange Co, VA – 6 Sep 1860 Greene Co, VA) and Nancy Elizabeth Frazier (14 Feb 1811 Albemarle Co, VA – 22 Jan 1895 Rockingham Co, VA) married 1 Dec 1834 Albemarle Co, VA
  1. Ola Shiflett (1835 Orange Co, VA - )
  2. Jacob Haskell Shiflett (1836 Orange Co, VA – before 8 Oct 1871) and Lucretia Jollett (18 Sep 1838 Rockingham Co, VA – 31 Dec 1911 Rockingham Co, VA ) married 5 Aug 1858 Page Co, VA
  3. John Conway Shiflett (2 Jun 1840 Greene Co, VA – 9 Feb 1917 Albemarle Co, VA) and married 1) Lucretia Shiflett (1846 Greene Co, VA – Before Jul 1880 Greene Co, VA) 7 Dec 1863 Greene Co, VA ; Common-law wife 2) Nancy J. Shiflett (May 1848 - ); married 3) Mary D. Shiflett (2 Dec 1849 Greene Co, VA – 8 Jan 1925 Albemarle Co, VA) married 28 Jul 1880 Greene Co, VA
  4. Lucy Ann Shiflett (1843 Greene Co, VA – Jan 1884 Greene Co, VA ) and James Franklin Jollett (17 Nov 1836 Rockingham Co, VA – 3 Jun 1930 Augusta Co, VA) married 12 Nov 1859 Greene Co, VA
  5. Francis M. Shiflett (1844 Greene Co, VA - )
  6. Jeremiah Shiflett (1847 Greene Co, VA  - )
  7. Nancy Frances Shiflett (10 Jan 1849 Greene Co, VA – 2 Mar 1926 Washington D. C.) and William Gordon Morris Jr. (1851 Greene Co, VA – 1891 Greene Co, VA) married 20 Sep 1872 Greene Co, VA
  8. Susan Clementine Shiflett (22 Jun 1851 Greene Co, VA – 29 Dec 1928 Greene Co, VA) married George Austin Morris (26 Apr 1849 Greene Co, VA – 14 Nov 1934 Greene Co, VA) married 12 Dec 1870 Greene Co, VA
  9. Victoria Shiflett (Mar 1854 Greene Co, VA – 13 Mar 1926 Greene Co, VA) and Ambrose Vernon (14 Mar 1854 Madison co, VA – 29 Aug 1936 Greene Co, VA ) married 26 Dec 1875 Greene Co, VA
  10. George W. Shiflett (20 Apr 1856 Greene Co, VA - )
  11. Unnamed baby boy (1857 – 10 Mar 1857 Greene Co, VA)

Family of Lucy A. Shiflett and James Franklin Jollett 
Lucy Ann Shiflett (1843 Greene Co, VA – Jan 1884 Greene Co, VA ) and James Franklin Jollett (17 Nov 1836 Rockingham Co, VA – 3 Jun 1930 Augusta Co, VA) married 12 Nov 1859 Greene Co, VA
  1. Burton Lewis Jollett (2 Oct 1860 Greene Co, VA – 4 May 1934 Greene Co, VA)
  2. Emma Franklin Jollett (1 Feb 1863 Greene Co, VA – 10 Apr 1945 Page Co, VA)
  3. Laura Etta Jollett (30 May 1865 Greene Co, VA – 30 Jul 1947 Page Co, VA)
  4. Leanna Alice Jollett (14 Mar 1867 Greene Co, VA – 20 Sep 1936 Albemarle Co, VA)
  5. Mary Frances Jollett (10 Jan 1870 Greene Co, VA – 22 Feb 1950 Harrisonburg, VA)
  6. Sarah Catherine Jollett (11 May 1872 Greene Co, VA – 7 Jul 1944 Washington D.C.)
  7. Victoria Elizabeth Jollett (19 Mar 1878 Greene Co, VA – 2 May 1944 Washington D.C.)
  8. William Isaac Jollett (Jan 1880 Greene Co, VA – Jul 1903 Newport News, VA)
  9. Ulysses Finks Jollett (26 Jan 1883 Greene Co, VA – 30 Jan 1931 Baltimore, MD)

NEXT WEEK: Eliza Jane Coleman

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