Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: The Colemans

Tombstone Tuesday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers that asks bloggers to include an image of a gravestone of one or more ancestors along with a brief description of the image or the ancestor.

Most of Emma Coleman’s family are together in the Coverstone Cemetery in Shenandoah, Virginia, where they made their home most of their lives. Missing are daughter Minnie Coleman Maiden and son Russell Coleman.

Tombstone Emma Jollett and Jack Coleman https://jollettetc.blogspot.com

Andrew J.
July 29, 1858 - Oct 4, 1947
Emma F.
Feb 1, 1863 - Apr 10, 1945

Tombstone Mattie Coleman and Harry Escue  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Harry W.
Oct 4, 1871 - Jan 7, 1940
Mattie C.
Mar 12, 1882 - Feb 10, 1978

Tombstone John F. Coleman https://jollettetc.blogspot.com

John F. Coleman
July 9, 1883
Aug 2, 1949

Tombstone Reba Coleman and James Mitchell Morris https://jollettetc.blogspot.com

James Mitchell
Dec 9, 1893 - Nov 24, 1958

Reba Coleman
July 29, 1896 - Jan 12, 1994

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  1. I know years ago an aunt on my dad's side bought a plot that would hold 6 graves. I think my mom referred to it as a family plot. Kinda of nice to be together like that at the end.


    1. I love this cemetery because so many of my family are here. It is like one big family plot.

  2. My attitude towards cemeteries has certainly changed over the years. I love walking through them and knowing that each headstone represents a life lived. The cemeteries full of family headstones are wonderful.

    1. Same here. I like noticing family groups and children's tombstones.

  3. Like Michelle, I find cemeteries so fascinating. Each stone holds a story (or more) and someone, somewhere is looking for that story.

    1. The most interesting cemeteries are often in the middle of fields and in corners of family yards.