Privacy Policy

In response to the European Union’s recent General Data Protection Regulation, I am following the advice of others to provide a Privacy Policy even though I do not need one since I do not make money through my blog nor do I collect information about visitors. However, readers need to know that.
  • I do not sell anything nor do I make money with this blog in any way.
  • I do not accept advertising.
  • I do not sponsor give-aways.
  • I do not ask readers to subscribe to a newsletter.
  • I do not ask readers to join a mailing list.
  • I do not collect or store reader information from comments. However, readers who request information about a shared ancestor usually do so through email; therefore, I do have that contact information.
  • I do not write about the living except for an occasional reference to my immediate family and cousins who are not named or personally identifiable.
  • Since my blog is hosted on Blogger which is a service of Google, readers should read Google’s privacy policy.

Google's Privacy Policy

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