Friday, April 27, 2012

A to Z April Challenge: X is for the X

This is day 24 of the A to Z April Challenge.

is for the X husband.  George Thomas Clift was a dirty dog.  He cheated on his wife, my great grand aunt Sallie Jollett Clift.

He verbally abused her.  He even pulled a gun on her in front of their 8-year old daughter.

Apparently ol’ George considered himself THE MAN who could do as he pleased in his little chauvinistic world.  He kept love letters and post cards and photos from his various affairs spanning several years.  And he did so in plain view where Sallie easily found them. 

It’s all right there in the 1913 Chancery Cause files for Page County, Virginia.  Every letter.  Every photo.  Public record.

Including this gem from a photo booth:

That’s good ol' George and one of his good ol' mistresses.

And that’s why he’s the eX.

If you’re caught between a Xenolith and Xylols, you might want to head over to the A to Z April Challenge for some Xeroxing.

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  1. Wow, doesn't he sound like a gem... He looks so smug in those pictures.

  2. What a jerk and he isn't even good looking! LOL

  3. One of the bad apples off the tree.

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  4. Dirty dog is right! What about the women....did they know he was married? Double shame!
    Happy Almost End of A-Z April!

  5. Wow, the first time I come to your blog and I find this! Too bad you are related to him but I suppose we all have people in our closets that we wish we didn't. I love geneology and I am going to add you so we can talk! ;)

    Coming over from A-Z.
    ~Naila Moon

  6. Loved the post! As a girl who's been divorced before, more than once, I can totally appreciate this! And, what a great find in a divorce file! My court house finds have not been so revealing. Thanks for posting!

  7. His behavior was despicable, but I think it's kinda cool that you have all those photos and letters.