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A to Z April Challenge: U is for Ulysses

This is day 21 of the A to Z April Challenge.

is for Ulysses Finks Jollett, my great-grandmother’s brother.  He was born to James Franklin and Lucy Ann Shiflett Jollett in January 1883 in Greene County, Virginia.  He married Sadie Janiera Lamb in 1903, and they had one daughter (who will be the focus for “V” day).

As a teenager in Greene County, Ulysses worked the farm.  However, once the family moved to Shenandoah in neighboring Page County, Ulysses went to work for the railroad like so many other men.  He moved up from laborer to fireman and eventually to railroad engineer, a position that required him to move to Baltimore, Maryland. 

Sadie and Ulysses Jollett
Ulysses died in Baltimore, January 30, 1931.  According to the coroner’s inquest, he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  His doctor claimed he suffered from “melancholia.”  However, his wife and others believed he was murdered by a lover’s jealous husband. 

At a Jollett reunion, some time before 1928
Ulysses Jollett, Victoria Jollett Breeden, Sallie Jollett Clift,
Mary Frances Jollett Davis,Leanna Jollett Knight, Laura Jollett Sullivan,
Emma Jollett Coleman, Burton Lewis Jollett, James Franklin Jollett

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  1. I love stories of family history - an this one is filled with intrigue too and raised questions that will never be answered. Your relative, Ulysses, had such a grand name too! One to be used in a novel someday :)

  2. Ulysses; love the name. I have an Augustus Ceaser in my family tree. Wonder if their parents planned for them to be great men.

    Love the photo of Ulysses & Sadie.

  3. You really have discovered a lot about your family. It's rather like being a detective, following clues and trails. I'm impressed:-)

  4. Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge to say hello! How fun to know your family tree AND to have pics. Priceless!

  5. Wow, what a story! Love the name Ulysses, after studying Greek history in college, I always think of a brave adventurer.

  6. Such intrigue! What a great story. :)

  7. Hi Wendy,

    Wow ... U names are hard to come by, but you had one right there at your fingertips! Dang, too bad that he was killed, one way or another. Very mysterious.

    Kathy M.

  8. I have a second cousin named Lucy Ann. Her Lucy, like my Lucy, comes from my great-grandmother.

  9. Curious to see Letter V. So enjoy reading about real people from long ago:) And what a great name - Ulysses...always did like that one!

  10. Judging from the time of birth I might think he was named after Ulysses Grant, but from the place of birth I might guess it was due to more classical roots or being named after another relative.

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  11. He still looks like Tommy Smothers in the Jollett picture. He had those pretty eyes like Mollie.

  12. Poor Ulysses! That must have been some scandle.

    From your comment on my post I believe you watch a little Big Bang Theory.
    Happy A-Z Tuesday :)

  13. What a name! And what a story too!