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A to Z April Challenge: A is for Armentrout, B is for Baugher

I am participating in the A to Z April Challenge blog hop.  My theme is my family history.  My approach will be to briefly discuss a person or family group using the letter of the day.  Right now I’m a day behind.  That's why there are 2 posts rolled into 1.

is for Armentrout.  My 3G grandmother Mary Ann Armentrout was born in Rockingham County, Virginia about 1795 and died in 1870.  She was the second wife of my 3G grandfather Fielding Jollett.  They had the following children:

Lydia Catherine Jollett (26 Apr 1830 - )

John Wesley Jollett (6 Apr 1832 Rockingham Co, VA – 18 Oct 1916 Rockingham Co, VA)

Henry Harvey Jollett (26 Jul 1834 Rockingham Co, VA – 1850 Rockingham Co, VA)

James Franklin Jollett (17 Nov 1836 Rockingham Co, VA – 3 Jun 1930 Augusta Co, VA)

Lucretia Ann Jollett (18 Sep 1838 Rockingham Co, VA – 31 Dec 1911 Rockingham Co, VA)

Very little is known about Mary Ann, probably because many records for Rockingham County were burned during the Civil War.  One burned deed survives, confirming her father was John Armentrout.  However, other key information is lost in the ashes.  John Armentrout was a common name, so it is nearly impossible to pinpoint this specific family.  Her name appears on several deeds after the war selling land to the adult children. 

Supposedly Mary Ann is buried in the graveyard near Brown Memorial United  Church of Christ in McGaheysville, Rockingham County.  When she and her family attended church it was the German Reformed Church known as Peaked Mountain Church.  Many of the graves are marked with stones; some are engraved in German; some are unmarked.  Still others are under the new elementary school. 

The Armentrouts are very well researched, but this particular family is just a footnote in the published history of Armentrouts.  Researching this family will be a major project for some other time. 

is for Baugher.  Since I am already behind, I decided I’d write about the Baughers because there isn’t much to say.  The Baugher in particular is Eliza F. Rucker Baugher.  Eliza (1829 – 8 Feb 1900 Rockingham Co, Virginia) was the daughter of John Frank Rucker and Mary P. Jarrell.  The Baugher connection might hold the key to one of the major Rucker debates:  who was John Frank’s father?  Angus or Jarvis?  It’ll take some time to connect the dots, but one strong argument in favor of Angus is that Eliza Baugher and her husband Asa named one of their sons Angus.  The older Angus was a Revolutionary War hero – certainly worth honoring.

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  1. Interesting stuff! I keep meaning to do my family tree. I wish I knew what all my deceased relatives looked like and what their traits were. It's fascinating.

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    1. Hi Wendy! So happy to see you on here. I did A-Z last year and am having even more fun with it this year. I can't believe that they built a school over a cemetery. That is just plain wrong.

      Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me.

      Kathy M.

  3. Learn something new everytime; I thought she was born in York Co. PA. Why I thought that I do not know!

    Glad you are participating in the A-Z.