Monday, February 15, 2021

On This Day

My great-grandaunt Velma Hilda Davis Woodring was born 15 February 1908.


Portrait of Velma about age 2 or 3
on opalotype (glass)

My favorite photo of Velma
She was about 16
Not sure of the year - 1950s??

Some of my favorite stories about Velma:

To Mercersburg and Beyond

What's In Your Trunk?

Violetta and Velma

Girls Gone Silly

Doppelganger for Velma

Vikings and Snowflakes


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  1. Happy birthday to your aunt...she was beautiful!

  2. I think you need to put up a photo of Zoe beside Velma’s photo. They are twining. Velma is a beauty as is Zoe.

  3. Her hair didn't change much. I look at pictures of myself from about age 8 and my hair looks almost exactly the same now. LOL!