Thursday, February 11, 2021

On This Day

My maternal grandfather's parents married 11 February 1890 in Greene County, Virginia.

Mary Frances Jollett Davis
10 Jan 1870 - 22 Feb 1950

Walter Beriah Sylvester Davis
12 Sep 1867 - 31 Oct 1934

The last anniversary Mary Frances and Walter Davis celebrated together was their 44th. What is the traditional gift to mark 44 years of togetherness? In the US there is no specified gift although one website offers "GROCERIES" - WHAT? Not very romantic. Spain and Italy suggest Turquoise while Russia and France say Topaz.

The hubster and I are coming up on 48 - still no traditional gift. Germany, Russia and France suggest a gift of Amethyst - yeah, I'll take that. Spain and Italy think Feldspar would be appropriate. A "MODERN" gift includes "Optical Goods." What's that? New bifocals? 

What do you give someone on their 131st anniversary?


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  1. I think sharing each other's lives for 48 years is coming close to the 50th...which I think is gold? Anyway, help each other to something golden...or whatever your hearts desire!

  2. I've been thinking about my dad a lot today as it would have been his 94th birthday. We are coming up on 47 years next month!