Friday, February 19, 2021

Photo Friday - Mrs. Coldorn


On the back: "Mrs. Coldorn"

 I have no clue who this could be.

This is a cabinet card that was obviously trimmed haphazardly to fit into an album, I suppose.

Who were the Coldorns to my Davis family that they would have her portrait? There are no Coldorns in our family tree.

I conducted a BROAD search – no first name, no date, no state of residence. There were plenty of Coldorn families in North Carolina and West Virginia, and others as far away as Oklahoma and Minnesota. When I narrowed my search to Virginia, the spelling became Coldron, Coldiron, and Colder.

Honestly, I can’t even guess at a possible date of birth for this woman because I cannot tell if she was fairly young or just plain old in this picture.

~ Sigh ~


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  1. I imagine her descendant seeing this and writing his/her excitement at identifying her. Right. I have found some interesting connections on line, and so keep on publishing my info...but haven't made sense of most of them.

  2. Ug!! I didn't get many family pictures, but of the ones I did get, many don't have even a last name. It's so frustrating.