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Sunday's Obituary: John W. and Sarah E. Jollett

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My second great granduncle John Wesley Jollett and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Smith Jollett were an important part of the Naked Creek community.  The area where they lived came to be known as Jollett or Jolletts or Jollett Hollow, Virginia, in their honor.  I am surprised and a bit puzzled that John Wesley's obituary does not mention his brother James Franklin as a survivor.  

John Wesley Jollett
John Wesley Jollett
1832 - 1916

Rev. John W. Jollett, a venerable local Methodist preacher, died at his home at Jolletts, this county [Page], Wednesday night, aged eighty-five years. Mr. Jollett had been in excellent health until a year or two ago when heart disease began to trouble him a great deal. He was conscious till the last and spoke comforting words to the loved ones around him. His aged wife has also been in a serious condition for some time.

Mr. Jollett was well known and much loved by the people in the upper end of the county and East Rockingham among whom he had ministered spiritually for a great many years. He was a preacher of earnestness and force and ready to go where he needed without thought of reward. His disposition was kindly and he had brotherly love for all mankind. He was thrifty in his habits and besides his little farm at Jolletts owned four dwellings in Shenandoah where he resided until a few years ago. At one time he was a corporation school trustee. Three children survive him. Mrs. T. W. Meadows of Jollett, John B. Jollett of Sparrows Point, Md, and Charles Jollett of Portsmouth, VA, all of whom are expected to be at the funeral. The remains will be buried in the graveyard near the late home of the deceased. At this hour the time for the funeral has not been set.

Source: The Page News & Courier: 20 Oct. 1916 

Sarah Elizabeth Smith Jollett
Sarah Elizabeth Smith Jollett
1834 - 1917


Mrs. Elizabeth Jollett, widow of Rev. John W. Jollett, of Jolletts, this county, died on Wednesday after a long and lingering illness, aged about eighty years.  Mr. Jollett died the 18th of last October.  Three children of Mr. and Mrs. Jollett survive Mrs. T.W. Meadows, of Jollett, John B. Jollett, of Sparrows Point, Md., and Charles Jollett, of Portsmouth.  Mrs. Jollett was a Miss Smith, of Naked Creek.  She was a member of the Methodist church for many years.

The time for the funeral had not been set yesterday afternoon.

Source:  The Page News & Courier, 2 Feb. 1917

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  1. Mr. Jollett looks and sounds like such a nice old man. They both sound like they were valuable members of the community - especially since it later became named after them.

  2. It's amazing how often you find one spouse dying so soon after the other. Although she'd been ill, it makes you wonder if she just gave up once he died.

  3. Very cool that the area was named Jollet in their honor. It sounds like Rev. Jollett was a very kind and helpful gentleman.

  4. john b is burried in mt calvery cem in balt md in an unmarked grave site his daughter lillian jollett gordon long is in balt cem in an un marked grave her first husband is william a gordon he is in wash national suitland maryland along with my grandmother grace e gordon snyder,respctfully guy w snyder

    1. Hello Guy, I hope you find my response as I am unable to email you directly. Thank-you for this information. Please contact me again. I would like to get more information from you if possible.

  5. i like to visit in the fall ,i am desended from john b jollett whom is resting in an unmarked site at mt calvery cem in baltimore