Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: The Sullivans

Tombstone Tuesday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers that asks bloggers to include an image of a gravestone of one or more ancestors along with a brief description of the image or the ancestor.

Tombstone Laura and Will Sullivan  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com

Laura Jollett and Will Sullivan are buried in Coverstone Cemetery in Shenandoah, Virginia where they had lived for over 50 years. Three of their daughters are buried there too.

Tombstone Minnie Sullivan Breeden  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
John Wesley Breeden is buried between his two wives:
Minnie Sullivan Breeden and Margaret Lucas
Coverstone Cemetery

Tombstone Pearl Sullivan Strole  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Pearl Sullivan Strole
Coverstone Cemetery

Tombstone Floral Sullivan Merica https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Floral Sullivan Merica with her husband Cletus
Coverstone Cemetery

Tombstone Elta Sullivan Farrar https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Elta Sullivan Farrar and husband Lewis
Greenlawn Memorial Gardens Chesapeake, Virginia

Tombstone Leota Sullivan Racey  https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Forrest Racey is buried between his two wives:
Leota Sullivan and Hazel Gilmore
Mt. Hebron Cemetery Winchester, Virginia

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  1. Interesting with the two husbands being buried between their wives.


    1. Yeah - and in both cases, the first wife died first, which makes me wonder if the husbands anticipated a threesome when they bought the plot and stone.

  2. Great photos, easy to read the inscriptions. I like to take those & then I take a wider view showing what other stones or trees or other landmarks are close by.

  3. It is so nice when folks stuck around in the same area and then died nearby. My folks must have been part gypsies because I find them all over the place.