Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday's Obituary: Leanna Jollett Knight

Sunday’s Obituary is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers asking bloggers to share old obituaries and other information about an ancestor.

Obituary Leanna Jollett Knight Sep 20, 1936

Death of Mrs. Mitchell Knight

Mrs. Leanna Alice Knight, wife of Mitchel Knight died at her home near Stanardsville on Sunday, September 20th at the age of 69 years. She is survived by her husband Mitchel Knight, five sons: James of Martinsville, Va., William and Isaac of Baltimore, Md., Edward of Charlottesville, and Clyde of March, Va., and four daughters: Mrs. Bertha Shiflet, Mrs. Pearl Shiflet, and Mrs. Lona Knight. Two daughters, Victoria Shiflet and Eliza Gibson preceded her in death.
[it says FOUR daughters but lists only three; missing is Mrs. Laura Maybelle Shiflett]

She is also survived by five sisters, Mrs. W. J. Sullivan, Mrs. A. J. Coleman, Mrs. W. B. Davis, Mrs. Sallie Clift all of Shenandoah, and Mrs. Victoria Breeden of Waynesboro, Va.

She leaves 51 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Mrs. Knight connected herself with the Brethren Church a number of years ago and was a faithful member until her death.

She lived a simple unassuming life, always ready to aid those who needed her. She will be greatly missed by her neighbors and friends.

The funeral was conducted from the Evergreen Church of the Brethren by Rev. E. L. Cave.

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  1. "Always ready to aid those who needed her" is a lovely tribute. 51 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren at 69 is incredible.

    1. You know they had to quit giving Christmas gifts! HA HA

  2. I've been helping to transcribe obituaries for a genealogical society and I've been amazed at all obituaries don't say. I'm amazed how often there are children, yet no mention of a spouse, dead or alive, or they number the children but only mention a couple. I've wondered if grieving people often don't think clearly enough to notice those things.

    1. My favorite is "He is survived by his widow." No name. (This obit should be coming up pretty soon in a future blog.)