Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday's Child: Cora V. Davis

Wednesday’s Child is one of the daily blogging prompts at Geneabloggers that features gravestones of children. 

from Findagrave
photo by Jan Hensley

Cora V.
Daughter of
J. P. & Elizabeth
June 20, 1891
July 12, 1892

Cora V. Davis was my first cousin twice removed, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Frances Powell Davis.  Cora lived a short time past her first birthday.  She is buried in Elk Run Cemetery in Elkton, Virginia along with her parents and other family members.

If I am reading the photo correctly, the tombstone is adorned with an ascending dove symbolizing that the soul has gone to heaven.  Holding an olive branch means that the soul has reached divine peace.

Behind Cora’s tombstone is that of her sister Mary F. who also died as an infant.

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  1. Oh, two of their children dying at around the same age. So very sad.

    1. Isn't it? It's sweet the little girls are there together, but oh what a heartache.

  2. I'm always saddened when I see these tiny gravestones. Those poor families...

  3. Yep, too sad.

    On a happy note, it is interesting to me to know more about our Davis side of the family. There were a ton of them!

    1. Yeah, and it's a huge family. I'm liking that names are making sense. I'm getting an idea about which bro/sis were close. For example, the fact that Benjamin Davis (Josiah's son) was at Velma's wedding and she had pictures of his kids says SOMETHING. And Zibiah Saloma must have been close - one of her sons was a pallbearer for Mary Frances. Now I'm wondering if some of those old photos that we can't identify might be from the Davis side.

  4. It is so sad they lost their babies.