Thursday, March 29, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday: Helen's Silver

Treasure Chest Thursday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers that focuses on a family heirloom.

My grand-aunt Helen Martha Killeen Parker (whom I’ve written about HERE and HERE and HERE) knew she was dying in 1981, so she labeled her possessions with the names of the recipients.  My dad’s sister was very close to Aunt Helen, so she received quite a few things.

Whether she thought she had inherited too much for one person or simply had no interest in another tea set, my aunt gave the set to me knowing I would appreciate fine silver. 

My aunt also gave me Aunt Helen’s silver punch bowl.  If you’ve never drunk punch from a silver cup, you are missing out on an extraordinary experience.  Silver holds the cold like no other. 

It is too bad that good silver is so under-appreciated by today’s young brides.  People just don’t want to be bothered polishing it because it is a lot of work.  I’ll admit I don’t love polishing the tray to the tea set because it is too big for my sink, but the rest of the pieces polish easily and I don’t mind putting in the effort.  All that sparkle is reward enough. 

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  1. All these are treasures. Sure they can be a lot of work too, but oh do they look nice when they are all polished and ready to show themselves off!

  2. These are truly stunning items! I imagine it is quite a treat for your guests when you bring out the fine silver.

  3. I love both of those and totally agree punch is especially good in a cold cup. I think you should make a bowl of Southern Comfort Punch today =)