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Tombstone Tuesday: The Killeen Sisters

Tombstone Tuesday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers which asks bloggers to create a post including an image of a gravestone of one or more ancestors; it may also include a brief description of the image or the ancestor.

Lillie Killeen, Helen K. Parker, Mae K. Holland, Julia Walsh Slade

Aunt Helen, Aunt Mae, and Aunt Lillie were my paternal grandmother’s half sisters.  The 4 of them were a funny bunch.  My grandfather deserved sainthood for chauffeuring them to the grocery store.  Four women – four carts – and no one could remember where anything was.  When my cousin was a little girl, she often went along as the grocery spotter.  Helen and Mae would reward her with mints or gum, but Aunt Lil always pleaded poverty and wouldn’t give her anything.  Granddaddy considered it a successful trip if the sisters didn’t get into a fight.

But they were the best of sisters and always looked after each other. 

Elizabeth Agnes “Lillie” Killeen worked most of her life as a nurse.  She was the oldest and lived the longest.  She used to say, “If I don’t hurry up and die, there will be no one left to come to my funeral.”  She is buried in the Walsh family plot in St. Paul’s Catholic Church Cemetery.

from Findagrave.com
photo by Maggie
16 Feb 1894 New York, New York – 17 Jul 1982 Portsmouth, Virginia

Mary “Mae” Killeen married Clifton Maynard Holland.  They had three children.  Mae is buried with her husband in Olive Branch Cemetery in Portsmouth, Virginia.

from Findagrave.com
photo by Steve Poole
5 Sep 1898 New York, New York – 8 Dec 1980 Portsmouth, Virginia

Helen Martha Killeen Parker is buried with her husband Herbert Parker in St. Paul’s Catholic Church Cemetery.  It appears to be a Parker family plot as his parents are nearby.

from Findagrave.com
photo by Maggie

7 Jun 1903 New York, New York – 11 Oct 1980 Portsmouth, Virginia

(There are 2 more Killeens that I will cover next Tuesday.)

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