Friday, February 24, 2012

Sepia Saturday: Made for Walking

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

This week’s Sepia Saturday challenge is all about SHOES.  And can you believe it?  I’ve used my best shoe photos already.  So I’m forced to present this one:

Can anyone say “Hullabaloo”?

At Christmas 1970, I was certainly on the cutting edge in my Mod lace-up boots that look remarkably like my uncle’s boots from the 1930s:

My friend Guy was wearing a quirky flat-bottomed shoe.  I think they were called Charlie Brown shoes, but I’ve been unable to confirm that there was any such style for young men in the 70’s. 

As protocol dictates, I’ve saved the best for last. The star of this picture is definitely my hip mother in her white Go-Go boots.  Those white vinyl knee-high slip-ons plus her snappy blue Ford Pinto made her quite the “hottie” in the teacher’s lounge at Alf J. Mapp Junior High.

from Google Images

We definitely jumped on the fashion rebellion train.  We can say “We were there!” when boots became part of women’s fashions, not just a necessity for getting out in the snow.  “We were there” when Yves St. Laurent rolled out the Mondrian dress, perfect with boots.  “We were there” singing along with Nancy Sinatra whose big hit “These Boots” drew attention not only to the latest fashion trend but also to the growing support for feminism.  Do you remember the words?  Give it a try -- you know you want to.  Then afterwards put on your boots and walk on over to Sepia Saturday for more fabulous footwear.

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  1. Oh absolutely funny how when shoes came to be then boots drifted in my thoughts and of course other than Santa Claus who else made boots famous?! Besides your lovely photo...that was very cool too! A great shoes/boot post!

  2. Love the boots, never had any like those since I stood 4'10 with short legs they were always to long. I love the Nancy Sinatra song. Sang that a few times in my youth. Grace

  3. What a fun post, Wendy, a walk down memory lane! I remember those days well.

  4. Momma was too cool for school. You and Guy are precious.

  5. Snap! We both finished off this week with a Nancy 'Boots' video.
    Your first photo really set the scene.

    1. loved this post. Your boots did look exactly like your father's. too funny. and the nancy sinatra video really brought me back.

  6. Wow, those were great boots, although the laced ones probably took awhile to put on. What a great fashion history moment.

  7. Hullabaloo! Who could forget Lada Edmund Jr. dancing up a storm in her cage?

  8. Boots. Lots of fun. I remember those days but I never wore them. Came from a small rural town where we only saw trends like that on TV. :)

  9. I'd forgotten about the laced boots until your photo, I seem to remember they were hooked, not something to wear if you were in a rush. Guy looks as though he tied an intricate knot.

  10. I thought those old fashionable boots were too impractical, but not nearly as impractical as the high heel ones I see now. I think the old lace-up ones were called granny boots.

  11. I'm another one who wore knee-high boots in the late '60s and early '70s. They made our legs look SO good! I'm glad you posted the Nancy Sinatra video, too. It's such a perfect choice for this week's theme that I felt sure someone would post it.

  12. I was a young mom in the 70s and I had my boots too. I forgot all about that picture I have somewhere. Wore them with a dress. WOW we were something. Love that video too. Just what I thought of when I say your post title.

  13. A trio of boots and a few odd shoes thrown in for good measure. Perfect.

  14. Cool pics and yes, I know the words to this song.

  15. Hi Wendy, sorry that I am late with my visit ... I enjoyed your post so much; love you guys on the porch and the bench! I love those boots. To think back and remember when Pintos were cool, lol. And so were Pacers, kind of.

    Have a wonderful week,

    Kathy M.

  16. The Lad's Boots Look Mighty Uncomfortable ! I used to have a similar pair....very uncomfortable.Oh Fashion!:(