Saturday, June 26, 2021

Sepia Saturday: Where in the World?

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

The street view in this week’s Sepia Saturday prompt brought to mind a couple photos of my grandaunt Lillie Killeen. Whatever the story was behind the photos is lost to time. I was just going to share the photos and move on.

Lillie Killeen 
place and date unknown

Then I noticed a log tower. That’s interesting!

Lillie Killeen with her niece Ebbie
(revised: UNKNOWN)

I googled “log tower” images but found nothing that looks like this one. I will guess it is in Florida, only because her niece Ebbie lived in Florida.

So, Folks, what do you think? Where were Lillie and Ebbie (revised: NOT EBBIE) on that fine day? 

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UPDATE: Lillie’s shoes and glasses are the same as in another photo that she dated 1944. With that in mind, the other woman is not likely to be her niece Ebbie who would have been only about 25. And now that means the log tower could have been anywhere.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to a comment by Mr. Mike, I now know that Lillie and her friend were at the outdoor theater of the Lost Colony, an outdoor drama located in Manteo, North Carolina. Big tourist attraction! Here are some photos I found online. The log towers house the sound system and other theatrical controls like lights. They have since been covered in some kind of clapboard.

an old postcard



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  1. Wonderful women in wonderful dresses.

  2. I'm no help. I even searched a little myself. Fingers crossed that someone recognizes the place. I really like Lillie's dress and hat!

  3. I Lillie’s dress and hat too. To me the other lady looks too old to be Ebbie. I wonder if it’s Aunt Margaret (Morgie)

  4. Great work to consider the watch tower...I know a few old forts in Georgia had those log towers...and of all my visits to tourist sites, I can't figure where it might be in FL. Probably on the coast somewhere...just guessing.

  5. Wonderful, energetic images -- and I also love the dresses and accessories of the two women. I had the same thought as Barb -- it may have been an old fort that the women were visiting as tourists.

  6. Funny. Everyone is noticing the dresses and hats. The first thing I noticed were Lillie's smart spectator shoes! I love spectator shoes. :)

  7. Despite the blurriness, I spotted something in your first photo that I recognized, an outdoor stage. I think Lillie is walking across a stage of an amphitheater. The curb is for footlights. The audience bleachers are to the left and on the right is a log cabin with a path for the actors to enter and exit. The log tower is not for soldiers defending a fort but for pointing spot lights, which is why the windows are covered to protect the expensive lamps.

    But where could they be? A log fort and cabin imply history. There's no roller coaster, so not Busch Gardens. (Where I worked for a summer as a strolling Elizabethan musician outside the faux Globe theatre.) It's not the Virginia state play, "On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine" since that production in Big Stone Gap, VA wasn't started until 1963. How about "The Lost Colony" in Manteo, North Carolina? That outdoor drama first opened in 1937, and the b&w images I found on Google look very similar. There are other "outdoor dramas" but I think one in Manteo seems a good fit.