Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Violetta at the Bush

Wordless Wednesday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers that asks family historians to create a post in which the main focus is a photograph or image.

Violetta Davis Ryan Sept 1928
Violetta Davis Ryan September 1928
bush in the front yard Sixth Street, Shenandoah, Virginia

Before the A to Z April Challenge, I posted a picture of my mother as a baby in front of a bush that served as the backdrop of numerous family photos.  So today, I return to that theme with another in a series of bush photos for Wordless Wednesday.  

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  1. We had a tree in our backyard that kind of became a theme in our childhood photos. It's gone now. The tree got way too big for that little neighborhood (and we don't live there anymore).

    1. My aunt now lives in this house, and those bushes are no longer there.

  2. Very coo. I want a house just like the one across the way :)