Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sentimental Sunday

 Lots of births in the family this week . . .

My great grandfather Walter Beriah Sylvester Millard Davis was born 12 Sep 1867.

Walter Davis
12 Sep 1867 - 31 Oct 1934

My grandaunt’s husband Clifton Holland was born 14 Sep 1897.

Mae Killeen and Clifton Holland, Helen Killeen 

My great-grandmother’s brother-in-law Decatur Breeden, husband of Victoria Jollett, was born 15 Sep 1877.

Decatur Breeden
15 Sep 1877 - 27 Sep 1952

Lucretia Jollett Shiflett, sister of my 2X great-grandfather James Franklin Jollett, was born 18 Sep 1838.


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  1. Happy remembered birthday to your various relatives. I like how you gather events together from your ancestry. I'm still just finding new people in the 14X great generations.

  2. No deaths or marriages this week or did you just not include them?

    1. I have a Photo Friday coming up - my grandparents' anniversary. No deaths.