Sunday, September 5, 2021

Sentimental Sunday


This week saw several births and deaths in the family.


Lillie Killeen, Helen Killeen Parker
Mae Killeen Holland, and Julia Walsh Slade

Mae Killeen Holland, my grandaunt and half-sister to my granny, was born 5 Sep 1898.

My paternal grandmother Julia Mary Walsh Slade was born 6 Sep 1907.

Burton Shiflett, my 3X great-grandfather, was killed on 6 Sep 1860.

Clarissa Jollett Sampson died 9 Sep 1875. She was a sister of my 3X great-grandfather Fielding Jollett.

Ann Elizabeth Breeden was born 10 Sep 1824. She married Emanuel Jollett, brother of my great-great grandfather James Franklin Jollett.


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  1. I like Julia Walsh Slade...she wore pants in that pic with the other ladies! But a hat at least.

  2. I hate this time of year - my dad died 16 years ago today.