Sunday, August 22, 2021

On This Day: Fleta Florence

Blanch Beecher, Chester Clarence, Lewis Lloyd,
Fleta Florence, their mother Louisa Sullivan Jollett, and father Burton Lewis Jollett
Before 1900 (Burton Lewis was listed as a widower in the 1900 census)
Photo courtesy Ben Marks

Fleta Florence Jollett was born on this day, 22 August 1885. She was the second of four children who survived beyond infancy born to Burton Lewis Jollett and Louisa Sullivan.

Fleta made the personal column on 30 Nov 1909 when she went to spend the winter with C. D. Wyant. Curious about this “holiday,” I found that it probably was not a fun vacation after all. In the 1910 census, she was working for the Wyants as a servant.

Harrisonburg, VA Daily News Record
30 Nov 1909

A few years later, she married John Sullivan. They had 3 children: Ethel, John, and Bessie.


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  1. Was CD Wyant a relative? Was John Sullivan a relative?

    1. CD Wyant was a grandson of John Wyant, Fannie Wyant Davis's brother, so yes, he was related DISTANTLY.
      As for John Sullivan, I'm not sure how but likely he was related to Louisa Sullivan and Laura's husband Will Sullivan. Again, it might be distant. John's father Joseph was son of Bluford who married Sarah Eppard of Page County. She descended from Daniel Eppard who was a cousin to our William Eppard.

  2. Well she DID spend the winter with them........