Monday, July 5, 2021

On This Day - Velma

My grandaunt Velma Hilda Davis Woodring passed away from cancer on 5 July 1968.

Sweet 16 1924

My last visit with her was difficult. As a teenager, I just didn’t know how to sit and visit with someone I knew was dying. Weeks later when we got the call with the sad news, my mother burst into tears. She always said that of her aunts and uncles, Velma and her husband Woody were the “fun ones.”

Woody and Velma 1949


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  1. Velma was so interesting. I remember thinking she was so pretty, and I remember that phone call. Such a sad day.

  2. She was pretty. It still is a bit of a struggle for me to know what to say to someone close to passing, but as a teen, I was sure clueless.

  3. I'm with you, Wendy, with not knowing what to say. I was 13 when my grandfather died and when my dad told me, all I could do was snicker. Not something I'm proud of :-(