Saturday, October 24, 2020

Sepia Saturday: Keep It Simple

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt is the next letter is our fearless leader’s march through the alphabet: K. K for “Kiss.” The expression about applying the KISS method to any situation came to mind: Keep It Simple, Stupid. And so I shall.


My grandaunt Velma Davis kept a scrapbook during her freshman year at Harrisonburg Teacher’s College (now James Madison University – GO DUKES!). Besides photos, she penned little poems and songs. I don’t know if they are her creations or copied from another source. This one is a gem:


What? No tissue to blot that red lipstick? The back of an envelope must have been the next best option. It looks like a kiss, but not likely. However, in this collection of letters is the ultimate “kiss off” – a breaking-up letter from my mother’s then-boyfriend George. He was quite the gentleman in sending the message “it’s not YOU, it’s ME.”



My girls put me to the test in 2013: planning TWO weddings within months of each other – one in October and one in December.

 Now that’s a kiss!

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  1. Hello, you caught my attention with that great photo and title. What a loving post you shared. Thanks you've brightened our day!

  2. So cute! I love your aunt's poem. Beautiful brides your daughters were :)


  3. A nice, neat, fun post. Your daughters are lovely, the poem clever, and the 'kiss of lips' on the envelope - a hoot, although I suppose the message inside wasn't so much so. Aww.

  4. Loved the poem...and learned a lot about the grammar of kissing...I think. Great to see daughter's kiss too!

  5. I admire your fortitude with two daughters’ weddings within two months, though those gorgeous photos show is was all worth it. The poem was amusing.

  6. Lovely post for this week's prompt -- and congrats on getting through two wedding so closely spaced. Agree with Pauleen -- well worth it. Loved the poem and the envelope kiss. When I was a teen, I had several pen pals, and it was common to write SWAK (sealed with a kiss) across our envelopes before mailing. Certainly more sanitary than the lipstick version :-)

  7. What a great post for this prompt. And your girls were both beautiful brides!

  8. That box of old letters caught my eye. Must be some treasures in there. Lovely wedding photos too!