Saturday, October 17, 2020

Sepia Saturday: Jump

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

Did anyone else notice that this week’s Sepia Saturday prompt was used before? Sure was. It was the weekend of June 11, 2016. Since I barely met the challenge four years ago, I had decided to give this week a pass. Then I read Susan Donaldson’s post which inspired me to take a stab at the repeat-prompt.

Jumping rope came to mind. These 2 photos of my parents jumping rope amuse me.

My dad Fred

My dad jumped rope like Mohammad Ali. There was very little space between his feet and the floor, just enough for the rope to slip through.

My mother Mary Eleanor

 Momma was simply being funny trying to appear glamorous while jumping rope.

Judging by the furnishings in this house, in particular the trunk for a coffee table and the absence of our platform rocker, and the fact that these are instant photos from a Polaroid camera, the photos are from the late 1970s.

An increased interest in physical fitness and better health was in its infancy following years of Americans becoming sedentary in front of the television set. Jumping rope was catching on. My parents, husband and I all purchased jump ropes to join the fitness craze.

Don’t ask me how long that lasted.

Hop, skip, or jump over to Sepia Saturday for more fun photos.


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  1. Cute pictures! Glad you decided to participate. It looks like you favor your mom.

  2. How long did the jump roping craze last? So funny that they were not only jumping rope but that they took photos to prove it!

  3. I love seeing the home decor and clothing from the 70s!

  4. I'm guessing the jumping rope craze didn't last too long :) Haven't jumped rope in decades. I'm thinking my knees wouldn't hold up these days. Great pictures of your parents!


  5. What fun photos of your folks! Thanks for sharing

  6. Hey! We still use trunks for coffee tables except I call them coffee chests as they are wooden chests my husband made to hold our kid's toys when they were young. Stained in pretty wood tones, they're very handy. One stores games like Scrabble & Monopoly & Cribbage which we can play on the closed top! The other holds mega boxes of loose photographs down through the ages, & the top is used to hold whatever we need to take with us on the way out the door while we put on our shoes. :)

  7. Thank you for the mention, Wendy. I certainly had forgotten that the prompt photograph had appeared before. I cannot remember doing any skipping beyond my early teens, and later in life dodgy knees stopped me taking it up again. It was good to see your parents having a shot, and great matches to the prompt.

  8. I guess jump ropes were the rebounders of their time period -- but I remember having fun jumping rope as a child. Really great that you have photos of your parents jumping rope -- much more unusual than childhood shots and they seem to bring out your folks' personalities.

  9. I remember that jump rope craze. I probably got one and then conveniently lost it. And nope, I failed to notice the theme photo was a rerun. Sneaky Alan!

  10. My mother-in-law took up jumping rope when she was in her fifties. She was quitting smoking and afraid of gaining weight.