Saturday, May 23, 2020

Sepia Saturday: Car Under Cover

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

I could not help noticing all the trophies displayed on the hood of the car in this week’s Sepia Saturday photo prompt. With nothing new to add to a post about trophies written in 2013, I decided to apply a broader interpretation: stuff on the hood of a car.
Unknown Shenandoah, VA early 1920s
Photo in scrapbook of Velma Davis Woodring
This is just another of the gazillion photos in my “UNKNOWN” file. The original is in a scrapbook belonging to my grandaunt Velma Davis Woodring. The driver LOOKS like Velma, but the older Velma I knew in the 1960s when she was in her 50s. This photo was taken much earlier, probably in the mid-1920s when she would have been a teenager. The boys are strangers to me. The place? Probably somewhere in the town of Shenandoah, Virginia.

So what were they up to? Why did they have those branches all over the hood? The boy is in shirt-sleeves, so it’s doubtful they were gathering evergreen boughs for Christmas decorating. They look HAPPY, so it’s doubtful they had just crashed into a tree.

Not much to say here. So, like the gentlemen waving in the prompt, I’ll bid adieu.

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  1. Maybe a Christmas tree going home for decorations?

  2. You really do have to wonder what in the world they were doing with those trees or tree branches tied to the front of the car? They're all smiling, though, so there must have been a fun reason for it. Doesn't seem like it would be Christmastime with the warm-weather clothing, but who knows?

  3. For firewood for a gathering? Another unsolved mystery!


  4. Waht a shame there was no caption on the photo. Pity you couldn't look up the owner of the registration number plate on the car, it might have given you some clues.

  5. I'm sure there's some great story connected to why the car is covered in tree branches. You could definitely let your imagination run wild and make one up for a cute little blog post.

  6. You have come up with an . intriguing photograph to match the prompt. It made me think of weddings we had seen in Austria where the front of the cars were decorated with flowers and greenery.

  7. Now that's an interesting photo!

  8. Plainly a fun reason, judging on the grins...but we’re all left wondering.

  9. Camouflage? Tree fell on car? Car hit tree? Practical joke with a 100 year delay fuse?