Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Ulysses and Sadie Jollett

Tombstone Tuesday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers which asks bloggers to create a post including an image of a gravestone of one or more ancestors; it may also include a brief description of the image or the ancestor.

My great grand uncle Ulysses Jollett and my great grand aunt Sadie Janiera Lamb Jollett are buried in Coverstone Cemetery (formerly the EUB Church Cemetery) in Shenandoah, Virginia.

Ulysses Jollett, Sadie Jollett, tombstone Coverstone Cemetery, Shenandoah, Virginia


Ulysses Finks     Janeiro S. Lamb
Jan. 26, 1883       July 7, 1880
Jan. 30, 1931       Feb. 5, 1961

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  1. Aha! And here is the tombstone of Ulysses and the mysterious Sadie from your previous post. Interesting that Janeira is spelled incorrectly and Sadie is not listed as her first name.

  2. For a brief second I thought you were going to post about President U. Grant. Very nice post and who is this mysterious Sadie? I'm thinking we shall see more!

    1. HA -- yeah, you don't run across too many people today named Ulysses.

  3. I think the fact that she was 3 years older is cool...I am 1 year older than my husband....but in 1982 that was no big deal....way back it probably was.
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. "Robbing the cradle" as they say. I've run across many instances of older wives in my research.