Sunday, July 8, 2012

Census Sunday: Cat Barany

Aunt Cat

I remember very little about my Granny Slade’s sister Catherine Walsh Barany except she was divorced, died her hair red, and smoked and drank too much. 

But the 1940 census tells quite a bit more.

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Catherine, age 30, and her husband Stephen Barany, age 32, were living at 1920 D Street NE in Washington D.C. when they were enumerated on April 26, 1940.  They owned their house valued at $6000.

captured from Google Maps
Stephen and Cat Barany owned the red house.

Stephen, born in New Jersey, had completed only four years of school.  However, he had a steady job as a machinist in the navy yard earning $2000 in 1939.  He worked 40 hours the last week of March prior to the start of the census. 

Catherine was from Portsmouth, Virginia.  She completed three years of high school and was working as a clerk for a plumbing company.  She worked 40 hours the last week of March and all of 1939 earning $1450. 

Since they claim to have lived in the Same Place in 1935, I wonder if they were married or if they just happened to be living and working in D.C. at the same time and perhaps met there. A marriage record is the obvious source for a possible answer. However, filling in the blanks on Cat's tree is just a low priority right now.

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  1. she also painted her nails fire engine red when frosted pink was the in thing.

  2. I guess Aunt Cat was one of the "you've come a long way baby," poster girls! To make almost as much as a man back then was a big deal. I love the photo of the houses...imagine $6,000! I wonder what it's worth now!
    Happy Sunday!

    It's a deal on the donut comment!

  3. She looks like someone with a bit of a wild streak in her--someone fun to know!