Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday’s Child: Vernon and Daisey Clift

Wednesday’s Child is one of the daily blogging prompts at Geneabloggers that features gravestones of children.

Here are George Thomas Clift and Sallie Catherine Jollett Clift in happier times just 2-3 years before the unspeakable would happen. In March of 1897 there was a fire in their home. Little Vernon F. Clift (5) died on March 30. A little over a week later on April 8, his sister Daisey (3) died. Could anything be more horrific than to lose two children in a fire?

Vernon F. Clift (15 Mar 1892 - 30 Mar 1897)
Daisey L. Clift (Oct 1893 - 8 Apr 1897)

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  1. No, too sad. I guess down the road this is what ended their marriage.

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