Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Fingers up! Toes in!

Wordless Wednesday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers that asks family historians to create a post in which the main focus is a photograph or image.

Velma Davis Woodring July 1925
Velma is in the dark dress.
July 1925

This is the perfect photo for Wordless Wednesday because I have no idea what these girls are doing.  My great-aunt Velma Davis and some college friends are on the front porch of her house in Shenandoah, Virginia.  Maybe they’re just being silly.  Velma loved to take crazy pictures.


  1. Haha! She seems like she was a fun person!

  2. I wonder what they were doing??! You and Velma look alike in that picture; not the passport picture ;)

  3. What a silly photograph! Hmm, I wonder what the joke was. I guess you had to be there! It must have been a funny one though.

  4. Fun picture. Now, someone hurry up and figure out what it means! :)

  5. Velma looks like she would have been a fun person to know.