Saturday, July 25, 2020

Sepia Saturday: What the Heck

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

Let me say right here and now: I will be surprised AND disappointed if I am the only HomoSepian with NO photos of ancestors riding in a sidecar. Our noble leader is determined to test my creativity in meeting this week’s Sepia Saturday challenge.

While various relatives ran general stores, none of them delivered in a sidecar, so I had to think of another angle. The best I can offer is people beSIDE a CAR

So how about a child sitting on the fender of a car?
John Holland 1920
My father's cousin
John Holland 1920
son of Mae Killeen and Clifton Holland
Or a child propped up against the wheel? (Really – what were they thinking? Was a car the best prop they could come up with?)
Unknown baby 1920
Unknown baby
in album of Lillie Killeen
Or children sitting on the running board?
Gang 1920 - album of Helen Killeen Parker
Helen Killeen captioned this picture "The Gang 1920"
The ages possibly fit the 3 youngest in the family -
my grandmother Julia, Catherine, Tate
but who would be the 4th???
The woman probably standing outside the car
could be Mrs. Ollice, a friend of the family.

I hear sidecars have made a comeback in parts of the world. The only sidecar I am interested in is this kind:

Hang on for a wild ride over at Sepia Saturday. (I know everyone will put me to shame!)
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  1. I had to look up what the ingredients are in a sounds delicious. The photo of the baby against a wheel is definitely one for the books! A young pop must have thought that one up!

  2. I didn't know of the sidecar drink. I will have to order it when out again once bars reopen here. Lol with the baby by the tire. I agree, what were they thinking?


  3. I too had never heard of a sidecar drink. Yes the Baby photo is a bit odd - it is not even a case of showing off the car when we see so little of it, but it could win a prize for an unusual baby photo!

  4. All I can think of when I see small children posed in front of a car, on the fender, even sitting on the running board - but especially that unbelievable photo of the baby propped against the wheel - is: What if the brakes should fail? I've never heard of a "side car" drink either. Will have to look it up!

  5. Have no fear...I have no side car photos, either. And yes, the photo of the baby propped against the car tire is hair-raising, perhaps taken by a dad who wanted to picture two of the things he loved best -- and presumably with the brakes well engaged.

  6. I’ve heard of a sidecar cocktail but never tried one....good diversion :)

    Like the kids in the running board but that baby propped against the wheel freaks me out.

  7. GREAT way to interpret the prompt! I once did a post about many of my ancestors (including me) posing by a car. Fun stuff!

  8. Adorable pictures! Funny that kids were propped up by a wheel for a photo. Perhaps the family was super proud of their new car.