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52 Ancestors - COMEDY: My Funny Daddy

I grew up in a house of laughter. Jokes, gentle teasing, retelling of funny events and puns were part of our everyday conversation. Running a string of puns with each one built on the previous one was an Olympic sport. The one who wore the laurel crown the best was my dad. Funniest man ever.

Fred Slade https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
I wish I could recall the best of the best, but I fear many would require too much back story, or worse, be one of those stories in which you just had to be there. So here are 3 stories to give you a taste of the comic genius of Fred Slade, Jr.

Skit Writer
Fred Slade https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Fred Slade as Winnie the Pooh
For many years my dad was a department manager for Sears Roebuck in Norfolk, Virginia. He rotated through several departments building up the sales force and increasing sales. He was also very much involved in training all employees about any changes in store policies and products. At every in-service training, the employees looked forward to the skits Daddy wrote because they were usually so funny. When the topless bathing suit was making the news in the 1960s, his skit was about the topless bathing suit that Sears would be selling in the upcoming season. Wanting the sales people to get a preview, he planned a fashion show with live models. Maybe you have already guessed where this is going. Out came the hairiest men he could round up to parade around in swim trunks. That was very risqué comedy in the 60s. He brought the house down with that one. 

Welcome the Hunter
Fred Slade https://jollettetc.blogspot.com

I met my future husband in college. I was a city girl. He was a country boy. When our relationship was at the point that I needed to have him meet my parents, I was both nervous and excited about his upcoming visit. At dinner one night, my dad started the drill asking all the questions parents ask. Finally Daddy asked, “So, what does he like to do?” I replied, “Well, he likes hunting.” Daddy’s quick response was, “Wonderful. We’ll all hide and he can hunt for us.”

Fred Slade https://jollettetc.blogspot.com
Fred and Mary E Slade

Here is a conversation between Momma and Daddy:
Daddy: This is the worst underwear.
Momma: They’re new. I just bought them. What’s wrong with ‘em?
Daddy: They’re so wrinkly.
Momma: They’re Fruit of the Loom.
Daddy: Well, I must be wearing the prunes.

Thanks for the laughs, Daddy!

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  1. He did have a great sense of humor!! That's what is needed I think if you are going to be a manager for a major retail store too!


  2. Oh my, those stories are GREAT! He sounds like quite a guy. My dad had lots of funny stories but I think they're as you describe - you had to be there. I think you look like your dad :-)

  3. What fun to have a dad with an ongoing sense of humor, for everyday! Yes, puns that just fall out of the air, or words used with different meanings or sound...we enjoyed that with my children, though I don't remember it with my parents.

  4. My Dad at 92 still has a great sense of humour - quite dry. And he has the best memory for jokes. In the middle of a conversation he will suddenly say " Did I tell you about Mrs O'Flaherty's
    goats". "Yes", we say. "Many times".