Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sepia Saturday: Up in Arms

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt is a celebration of dancing. Arms reach high to twirl a partner or to just respond to the music. But there are many other reasons a person’s arms are in the air.

To be picked up
John Holland
John Holland about 1918 or 1919
1st cousin once removed

To relax in the sun
Fred Slade Sr
My granddaddy Fred Slade on a fishing trip
To hold on to your hat
Julia Slade and Cat Barany
My granny Julia Slade and her younger sister Cat Barany
That same fishing trip
To bid adieu
a friend of my grandaunt Helen Killeen
To point out a bird, a plane, or Superman
Bob, sister of John Jr, last name unknown 1920
"Bob" last name unknown
Richmond Hill, New York 1920
To get a hug
My in-laws Ervin and Helen
To wave good wishes to the Mr. and Mrs.
Matthews wedding 2013
Zoe and Jason 19 Oct 2013
Kiser wedding 2013
Jordan and Rob 7 Dec 2013
Do-si-do on over to Sepia Saturday where arms are raised to greet you.

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  1. Very well done! I like how you did this blog. Great pictures too!


  2. What a perfect theme - we’ll done!!!

  3. If you're happy and you know it...clap your hands!

  4. I raise my arm and glass to your collection of 'Up In Arms' photos and clever use of the prompt. I bid you adieu with hugs and cheers!

  5. I like the direction you took this in.

  6. Great take-off on the theme this week! And you had a great collection of arms raised photos!

    1. When I went looking for dance photos, I found none except the most current (from the weddings referenced in the last photos), but I started noticing all the arms up.

  7. Great set of photos! Amazing to have so many with arms raised in relaxation and fun.

    1. I never thought about looking for arms raised - they just stood out as I looked for dance photos.

  8. "High five" to another enjoyable post!

  9. Nice take on this week's theme - cleverly done 'outside the box'. :)

  10. Now don't say you are not clever!