Friday, June 30, 2017

Sepia Saturday: That "Aww" Moment

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt is the kind that makes you go “Awww” with that adorable puppy peeking out of a wicker basket. Outside the basket are a stuffed dog and hair brush. While there is no hairbrush in my photo, there is a stuffed dog and a sweet face that warrants an “Awww.”
Unknown baby boy with toys in collection from Lucille Rucker Davis and Orvin Davis
Baby boy with toy doll and stuffed dog
How would you date this photo?

Who this baby boy is or was is just another mystery in a long line of mysteries. Likely he was related to someone on my maternal grandparents’ side.

No story today. Aw shucks.

There will be plenty of “Aww” moments at Sepia Saturday.

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  1. Aww factor high. What a sweet little boy. Is that what they used to call a romper suit? So maybe late 1940's.

  2. He's so cute! No clue on when to date the picture though.


  3. An "Aww" smile and a toy dog. Who could ask for more! :))

  4. What a winsome smile. perhaps the toy dog will give the best clue as to date (unless it was an heirloom!).

  5. I would say before children had "knit cotton" clothes all over the place, since his shirt is woven...perhaps the 40s, but maybe even as early as the 20s. The hardware on the window is pretty standard and still in use at times, but windows of that style aren't being put in houses anymore, so I'll compromise and guess the 30s.

  6. I'd agree that the photo looks like maybe the 1930s or 1940s. The vertical ruffles on the curtains might be a clue if you could find out when they came into vogue.

  7. He is a cutie! But now that I look again, could it possibly be a girl?

  8. Definitely Awwwsome. Barbara has the right idea I think on the window hardware and baby clothes, 1930s or early 40s. But I think the photo was taken in a photographer's studio. The sky outside the glass is just too misty to be real. The lighting is also too good for am amateur photographer either.

    You might get an approximate date comparing the child's outfit to old Sear's catalogs too.

  9. Don't you hope that little dog toy lasted for many years and was something the fellow found years later in his mother's belongings and smiled?

  10. Clever take on the theme, and so cute.

  11. Definitely calls for an awww.