Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sepia Saturday: On the Steps of Chambers

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share family history through old photographs.

This week’s Sepia Saturday photo with its arches and steps reminded me of this photo taken at Davidson College during the summer of 1946.

Chambers Hall Davidson College  Dickie Blanks

On the Steps of Chambers
Some of the people in Bible 11 waiting for the lunch bell to ring. The one on the far right is the ass’t football coach. He also attends school.

Dickie Blanks, my mother’s high school sweetie, had already left for college because he was on the football team.

Davidson College Football Team 1946

He sent her 24 photos of the campus. Unlike my own ancestors, Dickie labeled every photo resulting in a virtual campus tour.

Chambers Hall Davidson College  Dickie Blanks https://jollettetc.blogspot.comOn the Steps of Chambers
Some of our Bible 12 class waiting for the bell to ring. (notice how everyone is studing) 

[My mother would have raised an eyebrow at THAT spelling.]

Chambers Hall Davidson College  Doug Rice, Dickie Blanks

On the Steps of Chambers
“Doug” Rice, another of my friends. He has a crutch because he got his ankle twisted in practice the day before this was taken.

[I don't see any crutches. Do you?]

Chambers Hall Davidson College Hal Mapes, Dickie Blanks

On the Steps of Chambers
 “Hal” Mapes lighting the cigarette is one of my best friends. He plays football and sits right behind me in both classes. I have to help him study all of the time.

Dormitory Row Davidson College

Dormitory Row
Taken from the sidewalk, looking west. Their names are: left to right – Georgia, West, East, and Duke. Watts and Rumble were behind me. We live in West, the 2nd one on the third floor.

Dickie and Momma parted ways during their college days. I suppose since she saved these pictures (none of which include a photo of Dickie himself), it must be true that you don’t forget your first love.

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  1. How wonderful to have somebody who labelled everything so well (very unusual), even if he couldn’t spell and saw imaginary objects in the photos.

  2. Football team? Smoker? Yikes. Still, I was two or three months shy of being born when that first photo was taken...pants/shirts all familiar; a uniform of the age!

  3. Ah - the bobbysox and 2-tone sneakers! By the time I was in high school we wore our sock cuffs rolled down with white bucks. Who remembers keeping white powder bags in your locker so you could spruce up your shoes between classes, leaving little circles of white powder on the floor when you were done. The janitors must have loved that!

  4. Saving photos from someone who was behind the camera and never in front is curious. Perhaps it was the detailed notes that were the memorable souvenir of a past time.

  5. That is so funny that she saved the pictures, but no picture of him! Also neat that he at least labeled them and what the activity was so you weren't clueless about them when going through them unless your mom shared them with you previously. So many pictures of hubby's parents we shred because we just had no idea who they were and no one to help us identify them either.


  6. A picture certainly 'paints a thousand words'. I find such photographs so inspiring and as I looked through each, I could come up with ideas for stories :) A lovely, thought provoking post, Wendy. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. I love that line "I have to help him study all the time"...speaks volumes.

  8. Have you researched Dickie Blanks? I'm sure his family would love to see some of these photos. :)

  9. Have you written about Dickie before? That name sounds very familiar. And kudos to him for labeling the photos - too bad he didn't give lessons to all of our ancestors.