Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Funny: Battlefields

Friday Funny is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers that asks us to post something genealogy-related that makes us laugh or smile.

This is probably funny only to me and my sister.  For years we’ve laughed at this photo of one of our many summer vacations in which we toured a Civil War battlefield in Virginia.  I was my sulking, moody teenager-self that day in Manassas, and Momma was probably tired of waiting for Daddy to line up the happy picture. 

Stonewall Jackson monument
at Manassas
Wendy and her mother probably 1967 or 1968

What elevated this painful little memory into a candidate for a Friday Funny was finding this next photo in my Aunt Velma’s scrapbook.  She was visiting her friend Olive whose family took them to Gettysburg in August 1925.

Maybe Velma's friend Olive
and Unknown
Gettysburg Battlefield
August 1925

Civil War Battlefields – a metaphor for teenage angst?


  1. Now-a-days you wouldn't mind so much because you'd text your friends the entire time to overcome the boredom!

    These pictures are great!

  2. it's a wonder we survived our teenage years. We were so persecuted

  3. Paula, that's a good point! Modern technology has made the family vacation a lot easier. Our girls didn't have a DVD player to keep them amused on that LOOOOONG drive from Virginia to Disney World. I had to bribe them with toys and candy in exchange for not killing each other.

    Jennie, I hear ya! With so many battlefields in Virginia, it's a wonder my dad didn't stuff me in a cannon along the way. I wonder if Velma and Olive were looking forward to an afternoon in the hotel pool?

  4. This is why we did well in history. We visited every battlefield in VA, PA, and Maryland! lol

    I couldn't WAIT to get the hotel pool.

    Hottle Bottle anyone?