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Amanuensis Monday: Securing the "blessings as a community of freemen"

Amanuensis Monday is a daily blogging theme through Geneabloggers in which we are challenged to transcribe historic documents, letters, journals, anything written by another.  This theme was created by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.

People often ask if I have found anyone famous in my line.  Suffice it to say that I’m not going to appear alongside Rosie O’Donnell or Kim Catrall on “Who Do You Think You Are?” anytime soon.  However, my family’s near-claim to fame is the two Jollett men who helped shape the Commonwealth of Virginia.  
Most of my earliest Jolletts that I can confirm lived at some point in Orange County, Virginia.  In the 1700s-early 1800s, it was a very large county, geographically speaking.  Those who lived in the Upper District were forty miles from the Orange Court House; thus any business at the court house meant a two-day ride on horseback, IF the roads were even passable, and apparently they were not six months of the year.  The solution to the hardship placed on those citizens to serve on juries, act as witnesses, sue or be sued, and conduct any other business at the Court House seemed obvious:  divide the county. 

Between 1792 and 1832, there were many attempts to do just that.  Success was finally realized under the leadership of Senator Thomas Davis, who presented a petition to the State Legislature.  The petitioners proposed a “compact county” between 20-30 miles long and 10-20 miles wide; the lines would run north and south from a point on the Albemarle County line between Cavesville and Barboursville to the headwaters of the Marsh Run down to the “Rapid Ann River” [now known as Rapidan] which divided the counties of Orange and Madison.  Stanardsville would be the county seat.  In 1838, the act passed and the new county – Greene County – was named for Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene. 

Just 122 signatures.  That's all.  The Jolletts made their mark on history as #38 and #41 to sign.  I am highlighting the names of “my guys,” those who are connected in some way to my Jolletts.

Wm C. Jennings                        
Hazelworth Riddle

Durret Oliver
James Lamb, Junior
Abram Eddins               5

John W. Taylor
Hiram S. Eddins
Bluford Eddins
Wm. Riddle
Fielding Riddle             10
Parks Goodall
Thornton Rogers

               James Burus
St. Clair Williams
Wm. Eaton                        15
Augustine Gear
Nathaniel Gear
Matthew Night
Wm Dunivan
Thomas Staton                  20
John Gear
James Gear
Michael Mayers
Daniel & David Runkle
John Haynes                      25
Wm Nichols
Tandy Sims
Smith Eddins
James Lamb Sr                  30
Wm Lamb
William Sh
Slaton Shiflett

Joseph Morris
Elliot M. Burton              35
S. L. Goodall
Thomas J. Eddins
James Jollett Sr.               
Hiram Marsh
Robert Dean                   40
James Jollett Jr.            
St. Clair Dean
Peter Marsh
George Thornton
Addison F. Booten           45
Gabriel Powell
Edwin Nichols
Layton F. Eddins
Absalom Morris
Daniel Bent                     50
John Small
Armistead Long
John Lamb Junior

Samuel Harris
Elijah Huffman                55
Henry Fleak
Enoch Simons
John Shiflett
Emanuel Runkle
William Dean                   60
James Ancel
Wm Powell
George Shearman
John Marr
Valentine Beazley            65
Levi Morris
George Powell
Downing Smith
Tazewell Marr
Zachariah Taylor           70
Henry Warren
Bezaliel Parrott

Madison Marr

James Beazley
?? Garth                            75
Hugh R. Powell
Wade H. Snow
Jonathan Price
Leland Frazier
William T. Parrott             80
Granville Kennedy
Fielding Powell
James Warren
William H. Sims
Simon Powell                     85
Charles Parrott
William Rogers
John M. Sims
Robert B. Winslow
Wm. Sampson                    90
Joseph Jarrell

Ransom Lamb
Albert Eaton
Stewart Marks
Thomas Tyler                     95
May Haney
John Haney Junior
David Shiflet
Wm. W. Parrott
Noah Smith                        100
Abraham Taylor
Wm. C. Knight
James Haney Junior
Matthew Lamb Junior
?                                        105
Jacob Fleak
George Dean
Sanford Dean
Cornelius Lamb

John Haney Senior           110
Wyat Snow
John Fleak
Wm Houseworth  Poplar Run
John Higdon
William Willcocks            115
Jackson T. Powell            116
Mordecai Buckner            117
Thomas M. Shearman
Benjamin Anderson       
John H. Melone                120
Achiles Rogers
Alfred M. Mallory

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